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Chemical heat pump

A chemical heat pump system is disclosed for use in heating and cooling structures such as residences or commercial buildings. The system is particularly adapted to utilizing solar energy, but also increases the efficiency of other forms of thermal energy when solar energy is not available. When solar energy is not available for relatively short periods of time, the heat storage capacity of the chemical heat pump is utilized to heat the structure, as during nighttime hours. The design also permits home heating from solar energy when the sun is shining. The entire system may be conveniently rooftop located. In order to facilitate installation on existing structures, the absorber and vaporizer portions of the system may each be designed as flat, thin wall, thin pan vessels which materially increase the surface area available for heat transfer. In addition, this thin, flat configuration of the absorber and its thin walled (and therefore relatively flexible) construction permits substantial expansion and contraction of the absorber material during vaporization and absorption without generating voids which would interfere with heat transfer. A solar energy chemical heat pump absorber panel comprising: vapor absorbing chemical disposed in a bed portion of a transparent sealed container, said container at least partially evacuated for the transfer of water vapor in the remaining vapor transfer portion of said container; a vapor permeable screen disposed within said sealed container between said vapor absorbing chemical and the source of sunlight, said screen coated with a substance having high infrared absorptivity and low infrared emissivity; a first air passage for the flow of air transferring heat to and from said absorbing chemical, said air passage disposed between said source of sunlight and said transparent sealed container; a second air passage disposed adjacent the shaded side of said transparent sealed container; a removable shade for minimizing radiative heat loss from said absorbing chemical disposed between said absorbing chemical container and the outside environment; a valve for selecting between heat transfer air flow through said first air passage and said second air passage; and means disposed within said vapor transfer portion of said transparent sealed container for providing substantially uniform distribution of water vapor over said bed portion containing said absorbing chemical.

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