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In a slurry pump of oil-diaphragm type having an oil-diaphragm chamber in which an oil-slurry interface constituting an oil diaphragm is formed, an automatic control system comprising level detection means for detecting the position of the oil diaphragm, air detection means for detecting air quantity within the chamber, oil-supplying and oil-discharging valves, said valves communicating with said chamber and said oil supplying valve communicating with a source of oil, and an automatic controller for operating in response to dection signals from the level detection means and the air detection means to operate said valves and thereby to maintain the oil diaphragm at a predetermined normal position and to discharge air from the chamber. In slurry pumps of the piston type and the plunger type, the slurry flows directly into the interiors of the cylinders, whereby the cylinder interiors and other parts are subjected to rapid wear and, therefore, cannot withstand operation over a long time. As one solution to this problem, liquid-diaphragm type slurry pumps having been developed and are at present being widely used. A slurry pump of this type comprises, essentially, a reciprocating pump for applying reciprocating motion to a liquid (e.g., an oil) of a specific gravity less than that of the slurry to be pumped, a valve box containing slurry suction and delivery valves, and a vertical oil-diaphragm chamber connected at its upper part via an oil connecting pipe to the cylinder of the reciprocating pump and at its lower part via a slurry connecting pipe to a part of the valve box between the suction and delivery valves. The lower part of the oil-diaphragm chamber and the slurry connecting pipe are filled with slurry, while the upper part of the diaphragm chamber above the slurry, the oil connecting pipe, and the cylinder of the reciprocating pump are filled with the oil. The difference between the specific gravities of the slurry and the oil maintains the oil above the slurry in the oil diaphragm chamber with an interface between the two liquids. Thus, reciprocating or pulsating motion is applied to the slurry while the slurry is prevented from infiltrating into the pump cylinder.

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