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Split impeller centrifugal pump

A centrifugal pump which is particularly adapted for use with an existing drive shaft and especially in the engine compartment or hull of a marine vessel in which a pair of split or sectional impellers are mounted for rotation to the existing drive shaft, such as a propeller drive shaft, and wherein the pump housing is also split and mounted so as to be in surrounding and spaced relationship to the impeller blades and drive shaft so that the impeller is freely rotatable therein in order to pump fumes or fluids in through annular intake openings between the drive shaft and pump housing and deliver the same through an outlet formed in the pump housing. A centrifugal pump apparatus for use with rotatably driven drive shafts which are disposed within a walled enclosure for pumping fluids from the enclosure wherein the drive shaft is defined having a first cross sectional dimension comprising, a housing having front, rear and side wall portions, a pair of aligned fluid inlet openings in said front and rear walls of said housing, each of said fluid inlet openings being of a greater dimension than said first cross sectional dimension of the drive shaft, said housing having at least two sections which are divided along lines which intersect with said fluid inlet openings, means for selectively uniting said sections so as to enclose a portion of the length of the drive shaft therebetween and through each of said fluid inlet openings, mounting means connected to said housing and extending to a wall of the enclosure so as to retain said housing in encircling relationship to the drive shaft so that the drive shaft extends through each of said fluid inlet openings in spaced non-contacting relationship to said housing so that fluids entering said housing passes around said drive shaft and through said fluid inlet openings, a fluid outlet opening formed in said housing in spaced relationship from said fluid inlet openings, an impeller means mounted within said housing in non-contacting spaced relationship to said housing, said impeller means having at least first and second sections, each of said impeller means having a hub portion and outwardly extending blade means, and fastening means for securing said first and second sections of said impeller means to the drive shaft so that the hub portions thereof are in engagement with the drive shaft.

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