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Self-priming centrifugal pumps for clean water or chemicals Drawing

Headquartered in Immenhausen, Germany, SERA (Seybert ” Rahier GmbH + Co Betriebs-KG) was founded in 1945. SERA is one of ”hellip;

Self-priming magnetic pumps Drawing

The Series QZD / JJI pump control panels are electric control systems supplied with our pump products. The functionality includes to provide ”hellip;

No-seal-self-control-self-suction-pump Drawing

The Series W vortex pumps are single-stage direct-coupled vertex pumps. The pumps are featured with simple structure, small size, less weight”hellip;

No-seal-self-control-self-suction-pump Drawing

The Series XWJ non-clogging pulp pumps are a new type of energy saving slurry pumps. Equipped with the opened or semi-opened impeller, mechanical ”hellip;

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