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Suber-water pumps

Vertical long shaft pump

Model FYL vertical long shaft pump series adopts submerged blade wheel and vertical installation structure. It has merits of compact structure, stable running, ”hellip;

Corrosive vertical submerged pump

FY series corrosive vertical submerged pump is one of single-stage single-suction long-shaft submerged centrifugal pumps. Its marks, performance ”hellip;

High-temperature vitriol pump

LSB series high-temperature vitriol pump is Select pump excellent water power model, whose performance stable, high efficiency, saving power ”hellip;

Anti-corrosion submerged pump

Model FYS anti-corrosion submerged pump is made with fluoroplastics like FEP and PVDF, which give it unique process, excellent performance ”hellip;

NSY/LHY Series High Temperature Vitriol Pump

To adapt to the demand of technical development of sulfuric acid, our company, together with Metal Research Institute of China Academy of Sciences ”hellip;

YWF/YWFA series clear submered pump

Digesting and absorbing the technologies of introduced equipment, model YWF series engineering plastic clear liquid submerged pump and model YWFA series ”hellip;

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